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Scrolling Text Belt Buckle Bling Mini - Blue

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Get your Scrolling Text Belt Buckle Bling Mini with Scrolling Blue Text now!

Our Mini LED scrolling text Belt Buckles are one of the best customizable products that we have to offer. The mini digital LED scrolling belt buckle are smaller than the full size LED buckles but still have all the same features and can be customized to your exact specifications and messages. The best part about the mini is that it takes up a lot less space on your belt. It's small and compact and will look hot on any belt. It has mad crazy bling around the LED screen and you can customized the message on the belt buckle screen with your own message. You can program the scrolling text with up to 6 messages of your choice and each message can have up to 256 character. Theses iced out mini LED belt buckles are on fire right now!

The Mini Bling Bling scrolling text belt buckle messages are like nothing you have ever seen. These mini LEDs are crazy because you can program in your own custom message yet they are small enough to not take up a lot of space on your belt. If you don't like the blue text you can also grab a LED Scrolling Text Belt Buckle Mini in Red. Red or blue, the scrolling text belt buckles are iced out and setting the hood on fire.

The scrolling text LED Mini Belt Buckle is a must have for any baller. Everyone will be wondering wear you picked up the bling bling LED mini buckle and they won't believe how much shine you have. You have to get one of these iced out belt buckles now before someone else does. Be the first on your block to be wearing a scrolling text belt buckle mini.


  • Your Scrolling text message will scroll from left to right
  • You can also program your Messages to scroll up and down
  • Or you can program it to blink
  • Scrolling text belt buckles can store up to 6 custom messages
  • Each of your 6 custom messages can have up to 256 characters in them
  • Measures 3.5" by 2"

Get your scrolling text belt buckle in the mini blue
Scrolling Text Belt Buckle Bling Mini - Blue

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