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LED Blinking Belt Buckle - Mini Blue

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Get your Mini LED Blinking Belt Buckle - Blue with Scrolling Blue Text now!

Our Mini LED Belt Buckle with Blue text is what everyone is after right now. The mini LED digital display belt buckle is just like the larger ones except they are smaller so they take up less space on your belt. It has the ability to totally customized the message on the blinking LED display with your own personal message. You can program in up to 6 messages of your choice and each message can have up to 256 character. Theses mini LED belt buckles are on really hot right now!

The Mini blinking LED Belt Buckle with Blue scrolling messages are like nothing you have ever seen. These mini LEDs let you put whatever message you want into them and let you show off your style. The best part is their small size because it doesn't clog up your belt and they take up minimal space.

Believe me when I say that everyone will be asking where you got your mini LED belt buckle. No one knows about these yet so you can be the first to have one. They are just like the ones that all the hip hop stars are wearing. You got to get your hands on a Mini LED Belt Buckle now.

-Messages can scroll from left to right
-Or Messages can scrolls up and down
-Blinking Messages
-LED Buckle can store up to 6 messages
-Each message can display up to 256 characters
-Measures 3.5" by 2"

LED Blinking Belt Buckle - Mini Blue

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