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Fully Iced Bling Bling Sliver Grillz

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Our Fully Iced Bling Bling Sliver Grillz are straight iced out. They are lined with iced out austrian cystals and can be worn on your top and bottom teeth. They also come with a custom flex bar so that they will fit on anyone's teeth and mouth.

If you are looking for a top of the line grillz then you should grab out Fully iced out bling blng silver grillz. They are sure to get everyone's attention the second they see your teeth. You are sure to have everybody jealous when they see your gangsta grillz.

Our grillz are completely safe and are FDA approved so there is no harmful adhesive any where on our iced out grillz. The bling bling grillz are made of nickel free plating, again for your safety. You will not need to worry about making any messy molds because our grillz are mold free and can be taken out and put back in without wearing down.

Get your Fully Iced Bling Blng Silver Grillz now and your your removable teeth grillz in your mouth in a couple of days.

The grillz we sell are only for decoration and should never be used for any kind dental purposes. Our Grillz are sold as it is without warranties of any kind. will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of these grillz. You should never eat with your grillz in or sleep with them in.

Fully Iced Bling Bling Sliver Grillz

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