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Boombox Necklace Pendant - Iced Out

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Old School Gold Boombox Necklace Pendant and totally iced out.

Show off your old school style with the gold Boom Box Necklace with tons of bling. We all remember the days of carrying around a boombox on our shoulders blasting those old school rap and hip hop jams at the park. Now you can recreate those days with our Golden boombox pendant.

This hip hop pendant has amazing detail and plenty of iced out bling. It comes in gold color to complete the old school look. The speakers and tape cassette deck are detailed perfectly and are surrounded in iced out bling stones. Be the first one on your block wearing the boombox iced out necklace pendant on your neck. It doesn't get any more hip hop than this.

Iced Out Gold Boombox Pendant Necklace

This boombox necklace has everything except for the tape cassette for the deck. This is one of the top hip hop jewelry items that we have and is always a personal favorite of many of our shoppers. Bring back those childhood days or listening to RUN DMC on your huge boom box and break dancing in the park. If you are looking for a jewelry pendant that no one else has then you need to order up this crazy gold boombox pendant.

Measures: 2.75 inches wide and and 2 inches tall.

Boombox Necklace Pendant - Iced Out

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